May 9, 2016

Case Studies

Improving the Guest Experience for CBRE at The Helicon, London

The check-in process at The Helicon is now swift and professional. Having a secure cloud-based system allows the front of house team to communicate effectively with all building tenants.

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Streamlining the Guest Check-In Process at The Colmore Building, Birmingham

With the use of personalised email notifications and access cards, The Colmore Building have enhanced their overall image and on-site security. Tenants and their guests now receive a professional, high-quality service.

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MAG Property - SkyVisitor at Olympic House

Improving the Visitor Experience and Updating Security at MAG Property, Manchester Airport

The MAG Head Office – Olympic House – is situated directly opposite Terminal 3 at Manchester Airport. In May 2016, the site upgraded their Visitor Management System to SkyVisitor – allowing the front of house team to pre-book visitors in advance in quieter periods and provide a secure check-in process. This has allowed them to use their time efficiently and improve the overall visitor experience.

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Increasing Security at ACC Liverpool

In early 2015, the company identified a critical need to increase the level of visitor security on site and approached Safetynet for a professional and effective solution. Having installed SkyVisitor at several reception sites, this powerful Visitor Management Software has allowed ACC to dramatically increase their internal security and more importantly provide their guests with a professional visitor experience.

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The-Roundhouse Main Space - SkyVisitor Case Studies

Implementing Efficient Staff and Visitor Control at The Roundhouse, London

Since installing SkyVisitor in January 2016, their reception team are now able to efficiently check in over 200 people each week. All 130 employees use the online portal to pre-book expected visitors on to site and create accurate reports. The Roundhouse chose to implement a completely unique set up for checking in staff and visitors, this now works efficiently for the whole team.

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