March 16, 2016

Paxton Approved Integration

Complete Building Control

With Paxton access control

SkyVisitor seamlessly integrates with Paxton Net2 Access Control to provide a comprehensive visitor and access control system for your building


Paxton approved integration logo

Flexible and Cost Effective

SkyVisitor’s integration with Paxton delivers a simple and cost-effective way quick way to protect your building and its assets from theft and malicious damage. It can be scaled across multiple sites to provide complete control.

Secure Check-In

Issue visitors, contractors and staff with Paxton access control cards, fobs, pin codes and much more. Manage access to site through SkyVisitor – issue items or codes on check-in, keep an accurate audit trail of issued items for every visitor, make pre-bookings in advance of their arrival and create real-time reports.

Door Check-In OptionsSkyVisitor Paxton Integration

  • Keypad
  • Proximity reader
  • Magstripe reader
  • Turnstiles



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