November 22, 2016

Software FAQs

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1. How much does it cost?

This varies depending on the number of check-in points and sites you require, plus any additional hardware. We tailor our software to your requirements, therefore every install has a different setup and cost. For example, some of our installs include one PC at one site, while others are installed nationwide with completely new hardware.

 2. Do you provide training?

Yes. Our SkyVisitor Implementation Team provides training as standard with every new install. We also provide additional training and refresher sessions on request.

3. Does SkyVisitor come with hardware (i.e. tablet, kiosk, PC, printer)?

Yes. If you require additional hardware, we will add this to your order. We will always advise of the best set up and solution for your site, so don’t worry if you’re not sure what hardware you may need. SkyVisitor is also available to purchase without hardware – providing your existing equipment meets our minimum specifications.

4. Can SkyVisitor run on both PC and MAC?

Yes. SkyVisitor is designed for use on a Windows PC, but it can also run on any MAC with Boot Camp Assistant installed.

5. Can SkyVisitor be used on a tablet device?

Yes. SkyVisitor can be used on Windows tablets but not Apple or Android. We usually recommend a Microsoft Surface Pro.

6. Can I pre-print multiple passes in advance of my expected visitor arrivals?

Yes. The SkyVisitor Desktop Booker Application includes an easy to use feature which allows single or multiple passes to be pre-printed.

7. Can I check-in visitors out of hours?

Yes. SkyVisitor is a flexible software solution, which can be deployed as a manned or unmanned visitor management system, or a mixture of the two.

So, if you’re planning on using the software with a front of house receptionist during office hours only, we recommend SkyVisitor to be used on a touch screen device (using our SkyTouch module) to provide an out of hours check-in facility.

SkyVisitor provides you with full control of who can check-in to site – when making pre-bookings, time restrictions can be applied to the visit or visitor type. When integrated with access control, this provides a secure and easy to manage solution, whilst still providing a professional experience for visitors and contractors.

8. Can I use the system to check-in both visitors and contractors?

Yes. The SkyVisitor system allows for any visitor type to be checked in. Visitor types are always set up based on your requirements with our Implementation Team, these could include Staff, Visitors, Contractors, Volunteers, Crew, VIP etc.

If you require additional control for contractors such as issuing permits to work, displaying induction screens and asking questions on entry, you will require SafeWorks as an additional module.

9. If a contractor’s insurance or site induction expires, will the software prevent them from entering the site?

Yes. SkyVisitor provides your company with full control at all times. Our contractor control module – SafeWorks – provides the facility to prevent check-in when documents or site inductions have expired.

Document expiry warnings will also appear on the contractor’s log-in area.

Permissions for users can also be set so that only authorised employees can pre-book or check-in a contractor.


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