A first look at SkyVisitor’s latest release

A new year brings a new look for SkyVisitor

In recent years, we’ve delivered several new features in SkyVisitor to help with the efficient management of visitors and contractors to your site. Now is the time to deliver you an improved new look to match!

At a glance, here’s what’s new…

SkyVisitor Login

New login screens

Both the SkyVisitor and SafeWorks login screens have been completely redesigned, providing you with easy navigation between the two.

SkyVisitor Menu 1

New menu buttons

Throughout the website, we’ve given a fresh new look to the new menu buttons.

Updated SkyVisitor branding

As part of our continuous improvement for SkyVisitor, the software now features the latest branding. Including new and improved logos, colours and styling.

Request for remote support

This is now simpler and easier to do. A remote session can be auto-requested online for technical support from our helpdesk team.

Improved speed of reporting

Improvements have been applied to the reporting area which has resulted in increased performance.