Improving the Guest Experience at The Helicon, London

With a welcoming and secure environment

“SkyVisitor provides us with the flexibility we need for our multi-tenanted building”

The Helicon is a prestigious mixed-use building managed by CBRE, providing 119,000 sq. ft. of modern, open-plan office space spanning seven floors. Alongside this, the building is punctuated with a number of prime retail units across the ground and first floors.

Establishing Requirements

As a mixed-use building, The Helicon sees a high volume of footfall, with visitors and contractors arriving for multiple tenants. In 2016, the CBRE team looked for a fast and efficient check-in process for their reception – one that filled the gaps of the system they had in place.

“The software we had been using here previously was very basic and did not meet our requirements. We chose to look for a new system with more functionality in order to facilitate tenant’s frequent visitor bookings and reporting requests.” (Building Manager)

Upon searching for a suitable visitor management solution for a multi-tenant building, CBRE approached Safetynet with several requirements. These included; visitor pre-booking, custom printed passes, hassle-free check-in on arrival and separate login portals with reporting features for each tenant.

The SkyVisitor Solution

After an initial consultation, SkyVisitor was implemented at The Helicon in April 2016. Their system was set up to include multiple tenant locations for each company within the building, individual tenant logins with customised permissions, plus a booker application at one reception PC and QR scanner for express check-out.

Effective communication

Tenants at The Helicon now use the SkyVisitor web portal on a daily basis to pre-book their visitors. By asking tenants to add their own visit details, it improves the accuracy and quality of data input for fields such as hosts, group arrivals, visit time, location and notes. Most importantly, it provides the front of house staff with a valid list of expected visitors. The Front of House Receptionist explains: “By using SkyVisitor, I can see a list of visitors and contractors expected to arrive for our tenants that day. In most cases, the visitors are pre-booked or are already in the system, saving me a lot of time adding details. For security reasons, we sometimes ban the visitors from the building – which is a useful tool that prevents anyone from checking them in.
In addition to viewing their own visit details, tenants are provided with automatic email notifications through SkyVisitor, keeping them up to date at all times. These include pre-booking and visitor check-in confirmations.

Having a secure cloud-based visitor management system allows the front of house team to communicate effectively with all building tenants.

“It’s quick and easy to book in visitors using SkyVisitor, especially if they’ve been pre-booked”

The guest experience

Prior to arrival, all pre-booked visitors receive an email notification from SkyVisitor with details of their visit. Once they arrive, the checking in and out process is swift and professional. The visitor receives a printed pass displayed clearly in a wallet clipped onto a lanyard. To check out of the building, the receptionist scans their unique QR code printed on the pass which automatically checks them out in SkyVisitor.
“It’s quick and easy to book in visitors using SkyVisitor, especially if they’ve been pre-booked. We do get quite a lot of walk-in visitors, but it’s simple to book these in with one of our hosts, even if they’ve not been here before. For large meetings where guests arrive all at once, we find it beneficial to pre-print their passes.

When typing in just the beginning of a name, SkyVisitor shows the visitors quickly – this is a great feature which saves us time! For checking out visitors, the QR code check-out is definitely a good addition to our set up.” (Front of House Receptionist)

This new, streamlined check-in process saves valuable time for the front of house team – allowing them to provide an attentive guest experience. Once checked in, visitors are directed to the correct floor where their host will be ready to greet them, having received a check-in notification.

Quick and easy tenant reporting

The system is configured to provide restricted permissions to each tenant. They are provided with their own log in which allows access to standard and custom reporting features. Both the building and it’s tenants now have real-time visibility of visitors and contractors on site and are able to create accurate reports on a regular basis; such as number of check-ins per location and time on site.

Suitable Solutions

The Helicon Building Manager explains how SkyVisitor provides the solution they were looking for:

“SkyVisitor provides us with the flexibility we need for our multi-tenanted building. It works well for us as a web-based solution, not just a piece of software installed on one PC – allowing us to check in contractors at a separate location in busier periods. Downloading reports with SkyVisitor is much more accurate than our previous system. Plus, our tenants now have the ability to produce these themselves. This frees up our time and prevents tenants from having to wait for reports to be created.

As well as the SkyVisitor software, Safetynet Solutions provide The Helicon with a wide range of additional products and solutions. This continued relationship enables us to provide a welcoming and secure environment for our tenants and guests.” (Building Manager)

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