Improving the Visitor Experience and Updating Security at Olympic House

at MAG Property, Manchester Airport

“SkyVisitor allows us to use our time efficiently – it’s perfect!”

MAG Property is the property and development arm of the UK’s largest owned airport operator, Manchester Airport group. The MAG Head Office – Olympic House – is situated directly opposite Terminal 3. This building sees up to 1,000 employees working in its multi-tenanted office space in addition to hosting regular meetings and training sessions.

Identifying Areas of Improvement

Having previously used Electronic Visitor Management (El-Vis) Software from Safetynet Solutions along with the 4M and Voyager buildings, Manchester Airport’s Olympic House was looking for a more advanced solution; one which could increase security, provide a great first impression and accurately track visitors on site.

Improving security – Following an increase in airport security in early 2016, Olympic House chose to review its visitor management process. All visitors in the building needed to be easily identified and booked onto a system which was accessible at all times to the estates management team.
First impressions count – As the MAG Property Head office, Olympic House wanted to provide a great first impression to all visitors. An upgraded system needed to assist their receptionists in a way which allowed them to focus on providing the best possible service with the minimum of inconvenience.
Visitor management reporting – The reporting features required by the site were increasing, such as the need to view daily reports and frequency of visits. A lack of visibility by the management team was leading to inefficiencies.

Secure Solutions from Safetynet

In order to improve security in Olympic House, Safetynet proposed the installation of SkyVisitor on their busy reception desk. The solution would provide a secure visitor check-in process which would be accessible to the whole team.

Olympic House chose to have SkyVisitor deployed as a manned solution in May 2016, providing receptionists with the ability to check in visitors quickly and efficiently. They now use the system to check in over 1,300 visitors and contractors every month. Additional features installed on reception include photo capture and printed visitor passes.

“After installing SkyVisitor at Olympic House, Safetynet Solutions have helped increase overall security.”

Seamless Check-in Process

The check-in process at Olympic House was previously a laborious process. Having implemented SkyVisitor, the site is now able to check in visitors seamlessly.

Emma Rigby (Project Manager) explains the new process: “expected visitors and contractors to Olympic House are now pre-booked by the front of house team. Upon arrival, the receptionist simply enters the visitor’s name into SkyVisitor, captures their photo and prints out a pass. This authorised pass, displayed with a red lanyard and clear wallet ensures they can be identified at all times throughout the building.”

Improved Security and Services

As part of the overall solution, the Safetynet team ensured that the full set up worked in the best possible way for the site, including full on-site training and technical support.

Installation training

“Upon installation, each of us received training on the software from the Safetynet team. It now allows us to use our time efficiently – I am able to upload expected visitor data in advance in quieter periods and then check visitors in easily on arrival without having to ask for and record all their details each time. It’s perfect!” (Sue Moran, Front of House)

Security and processes

“After installing SkyVisitor at Olympic House, Safetynet Solutions have helped increase overall security. Providing fantastic customer experience is also important to us here at MAG, as we pride ourselves on our level of service and professionalism. SkyVisitor certainly helps us to fulfil this.
The software is easy to use and accessible to the whole team, we particularly like the notes feature for adding additional individual visitor information.” 
(Emma Rigby, Project Manager)

Onwards and upwards!

The Olympic House estates team now aim to improve their processes through the use of custom management reporting. Any data entered in the system can be analysed and made into custom reports.

“We are very happy with both the system and the service provided by Safetynet. We aim to use the custom reporting features to improve our staff efficiency and internal processes by monitoring the frequency of visits, peak visiting times and forgotten staff passes.” (Bethan Langdon, Facilities Manager)

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