Choosing Visitor Management Software

6 key things to look for when choosing your visitor management system

We understand the difficulties in choosing a new system for your business. With so many factors to consider for visitor management – including health and safety requirements, security, data protection and company image – we thought we’d make the process a little easier for you by listing 6 key things to look for.

1. Functionality

Take time to consider which functions you will need. Do you require visitor self-check-in, pre-booking, signature capture, issuable items, fire reporting or visibility of multiple locations and visitor types? There are a whole host of functions now available with most leading visitor management software solutions.

2. Scalability

Don’t forget to think ahead – is there anything you may need in a few years time?

Check whether the functionality and scalability of the system caters for your future needs. Although you may be looking for a small to medium scale software solution right now, you should probably check how much scope there is for business growth, such as adding additional check-in locations and sites.

Upscaling a system also comes down to cost. So if you’re thinking of adding multiple check-in locations or sites, you may want to ask the question – what are the additional costs involved? You will most likely want to avoid paying the same price again for simply adding an extra reception location.

3. Customisation

Are you looking for a professional, branded software solution? We recommend you check what customisations are available – such as adding logos on visitor badges, custom made badge templates, branded user interface and visitor check-in screens, custom locations and visitor types. You may find some out-of-the box solutions offer very limited customisation.

4. Integration

Think about whether you need the software to integrate with printers, scanners or access control. This can make a huge difference to your building security as well as the efficient day to day use of the system.

5. Accessibility

If you’re planning on rolling out a visitor management solution across multiple sites, you will probably want to integrate this into one single, accessible system for your business.

Many software companies will store your data in the cloud. However, as this may not always be the case, we recommend you check where your data will be accessible from; will it be in one cloud location? and what devices can it be accessed from?

6. Reporting

Check how quick and easy it is to access and print fire reports – this is the most crucial report for ensuring the safety of your visitors. Also check whether you can produce statistical reports on the important information needed by each department. In some cases, managers will require a list of which contractors have been on site (such as out-of-hour cleaners to ensure they are fulfilling their contracted hours).

How we can help

Our team of experts at Safetynet specialise in visitor management solutions, from in-house manufactured paper pass systems all the way up to our leading software solution SkyVisitor.

We have years of experience in developing leading solutions to suit your business needs and understand that not every client is the same. We provide tailored consultations and demonstrations in order to find out what you’re looking for in order to suggest the best possible solution.

There’s probably no question we’ve not heard before, so why not put our 6 key things to the test and speak to one of our advisors today.

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