Our Coronavirus Policy



Above all else, the well-being of our Safetynet team, our clients, our partners and our suppliers is our main priority.

We want to try and maintain a service to you, continue to operate efficiently and meet our customer requirements for as long as we can without causing unnecessary risk.

In response as of Monday 23rd March 2020 we are already;
  • Home Working all Staff who do not need to be on the premises and maintaining a 2m rule for those who are coming in. Our Production and Warehouse Team are the core team impacted on this. We will be immediately assessing what presence is required (if any) and if there is a required presence they will be splitting into shift teams and we will maintain Government guidelines at all times.
  • Stopping all business travel, with any planned installations to be handled on an individual basis with the customer; We will look to carry out as much work remotely, as possible & keep on-site presence to a minimum.
  • Rescheduling physical meetings for Video Conferencing meetings where possible.
    We have been adopters of Microsoft Teams for some time, and Microsoft has now offered FREE Teams access for all for 1 year, in the light of the Corona Virus. This enables virtual meetings, and calls amongst many other features. We will be looking to re-book any onsite meetings into Teams meetings.


All employees made aware to handwash as frequently as possible, for a minimum of 20 seconds, and to maintain clean work surfaces.
Increased provisions and supplies are in place for this.
Employees now need to maintain a 2m distance from each other. This should be especially noted when using the toilet facilities and handles should be wiped down before and after use.