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Stay secure with SkyVisitor.

Helping you control the risk

It is every company’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the contractor and anyone else that could be affected. Poor management of this can lead to injury, ill health, additional costs and delays, that’s why at Safetynet Solutions we provide a complete contractor management system.

Controlling contractors is easy with SafeWorks

The SafeWorks solution is an added module to the core visitor management system SkyVisitor, meaning you benefit from the same market leading features as well as much more. For example, the contractor’s arrival can be pre-planned by issuing emails in advance; these include questionnaires for completion, data share, induction information and permit review. This information can be accessed by both the contractor and the authorising person to prepare and agree as much in advance as far as is reasonably practical.

Site access control

Dramatically improve the security of your building with SkyVisitor and Paxton Access Control: Issue area restricted passes to contractors on arrival and increase access control with pin codes and fingerprint biometrics. Long-term contractors and call out contractors can be provided with a code for any future visits or out of hours attendance.

Work authorisation and permit to work

A Work Authorisation Pass can be pre-printed with a Safe Work Agreement and site safety information; this folded ‘mini safety booklet’ is then placed in a contractor pass wallet and attached to a lanyard to be worn at all times.

The Permit to Work requirement can be triggered by the location, visitor type, ‘job’ and/or visit category. They may also be issued to a contractor at any time during the visit as and when required. The permit documents and types of permits can be customised, allowing you to make your own adjustments where necessary.

Add-on modules

Custom Touch Screen Visitor and Contractor Check-in.


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