SkyVisitor plays it’s part in the 2018 Six Nations

SkyVisitor & the Six Nations


Did you know our visitor and contractor control software SkyVisitor is used at the Principality and Twickenham Stadiums?

The SkyVisitor software may not make an appearance on the big screen…but you’ll certainly find it running in the background for checking in staff, contractors and stewards!

Principality Stadium

Principality Stadium Logo

This site uses SkyVisitor and SkyTouch to book in staff, contractors and stewards on site quickly and efficiently. They use two check-in points; one at their main reception and the other for checking in stewards on several touchscreen tablets on match days. This is a great benefit at events. It allows them to quickly check in all stewards on the day by scanning their ID cards.

Here’s what the Stadium Facilities Manager says about SkyVisitor:

“We have recently upgraded to the SkyVisitor system and seen many improvements on the old El-Vis system. We manage all of our staff through the system, (they all have printed access cards and book in and out of the building via the system), all of our visitors to site and all of our contractors. We have just expanded the use of the system to book all of our stewards in and out of the building on match days (about 1000 additional staff).

We do have a habit of purchasing a system and then pushing it to the limits of its capability and beyond.  The system allows us to track visitors, contractors and staff in and out of the building, look at who is making bookings, look back at when people attended and how long they were on site for, undertake electronic inductions and issue permits. The biggest challenge we faced was from our end – deciding how we wanted the system to deal with each type of visitor and then creating the screens accordingly, once this was done it was passed over to the SkyVisitor Team who put it all together and rolled the system out to us.

We are extremely happy with the system and I would recommend it to anyone.”


Twickenham Stadium

Twickenham Logo

This stadium also uses SkyVisitor to manage large numbers of visitors, contractors and staff. They use the booker application on 4 separate PC’s to check in visitors, contractors, staff and temporary staff. In addition to this, they check in multiple pre-booked visitors for group meetings and conferences – providing a first-class experience for visitors and streamlining efficiencies on site.


Let’s hope the games provide another great result in 2018 for our home nations!!! All with the help of SkyVisitor.


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