Do your visitors pass Health and Safety requirements?

Provide an accurate audit trail with SkyVisitor

All food manufacturing sites put strict Health and Safety regulations in place for visitors and contractors, but most fail to have an auditable trace of the signing in process, even with some of the most used traditional paper pass systems. By this, we mean having signed consent from the visitor that they have read the Health and Safety information, and a copy of every visitor’s answers to Health and Hygiene questions. With an electronic system from SkyVisitor, all visitor and contractor details are stored securely on the system, providing an accurate audit trail at all times.

Pre-book Visitors on Site

Sky InviteSkyVisitor provides the ability to pre-book visitors to your food manufacturing site with SkyVisitor before they arrive. Visitors can view relevant Health and Safety site information and confirm their pre-booking via email with Sky Invite. At this point, the host can ensure any required documentation is sent and received before arrival, request contractor certificates and insurance as well as issue parking permits and secure visitor passes in advance.

Health and Hygiene Questionnaires

SkyVisitor TerminalOnce on site, visitors are asked to complete a Health and Hygiene questionnaire before being granted access on site – this is completely customisable for each site and location. SkyTouch provides the ability for visitors to complete this questionnaire on either a self-check in kiosk or touch screen device at reception. If a visitor fails this screening process, SkyVisitor will notify them that the check-in has been unsuccessful; the reception and host can be notified at this point. If the visitor has successfully passed the check in process, a pass will be issued and the host notified of their arrival.

Site Inductions

SkyVisitor on Microsoft SurfaceCustomised on screen inductions can be shown on arrival, these can vary dependent upon visitor type and location.

Induction screens can consist of Health and Safety information, site maps, evacuation procedures and parking areas. These screens are shown with a count down in the corner to avoid the visitor skipping the information. If a visitor or contractor has previously been inducted on site, this stage will not be shown. Additionally, induction expiry dates can be added through SkyVisitor, allowing this to be flagged up on entry.

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